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painting: Milan Tucovic
photogrphy: Milinko Stefanovic
web design: Dusan Aradski

Your Voice

As if you'd never been mine
You say hello in an ordinary, meaningless voice
The voice is everything, both oath and punishment
The voice reveals things better than the eye or heart
If it's harsh and deep, slow and sleepy
and comes from the mouth like a train from the tunnel,
You are tired of me.
If it's unconvincing and hangs in the air
like a tightrope walker swinging in the air
Something new has happened to you.
Something you want to hide from us
But out there,
Out of reach of lightning,
of eye, of thought, of light
The hesitating voice can reach me
If it is high-pitched, sharp and angry
Like a Pekingese's bark when I cross his path
I grow silent and get out of the way until the storms pass
No big deal
Like an earthquake in Japan, 7 degrees on the Richter scale
Like an electrician getting a shock
Something quite ordinary, an everyday joke.
When it's soft like a cloud gliding silently high above the river
On a calm, windless day
Like a pillow in a five star hotel
Where we spent one single night,
Like a sweaty palm, sweat dripping on your name
Like the word mother in my mother tongue
Like I love you and don't forget me
All this happened once
That voice which stumbled over your tongue
Like volcanic lava over rickety mountain cabins
And ran through my ears
Like a thief bringing presents
That was love
And now
It's like you've never been mine
I can hear that voice, precise, flat and cold
It tells me more than your look and your face
It's been washed in the rains of many summers and falls
Deprived of emotions, unsympathetic to the past
That voice, like an unknown soldier,
Strict and hungry
Killing guiltlessly.

Translated by Ivana Djuric Paunovic

All rights reserved®. Used by permission of the author.
Copyright©1999. By Radoman Kanjevac